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Cotton and Lycra

by Andrew Smith

Cotton and Lycra

by Andrew Smith

Shirts in Urban Living

Andrew Smith, as a fashion brand for man, believes that fashion style is a part of urban living with its high-standard quality. All the needs, criteria, and standards imbue our idea to present a fashion product with a professional twist in every details and phases to distinguish from others. A story of how shirts presented is started from choosing the best fabric and final phase.






The Understanding of Fabrics

We do realize that nature convinces us about two things; comfort and quality. To support our product quality, Cotton and Lycra are chosen as a premium fabrics that provide pleasure and memorable experience for its users. 






By looking at deeper, cotton also contains organic fibers that maximizes absorption with the easiest fabric treatment. On the other hand, Lycra, as another premium fabrics, is also chosen by the experts because of its finest quality and flexibility for every day shirts.

Detailed Process at Work

To Andrew Smith, the handling process of special fabrics should be done by experts to preserve its quality.We believe design-as an accurate depiction of creativity-is created and poured in pattern. The phases have begun and expected to change the conceptual idea into reality. That is why we called it as a natural creation while others think it’s just a shirt.






We do really care about the details by sticking on the design and never let the initial cutting phase goes wrong. Furthermore, the sewing phase of detailed cutting shows how an idea, passion, and personality are well-arranged into a harmony. At the end, the final phase is to ensure all the aspects of cutting and sewing phases ended up with its best result.

Our shirt is handled with care to emphasize its features and quality. As the result, your fashion style and standards ask you to be part of this story. This is the end of fashion and creation journey, and soon the readers would know how good it would be. It is because Andrew Smith let the details win.


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